Accounts and Finance

The Unit carries out the following functions:

• Keeping a proper Book of Account for the organization
• Ensure that all payments and retirements of advance are in accordance with financial regulations
• Ensures that the spending of the Body’s allocation are within the allocation and done according to specific heads and subheads
• Keeping vote books and ensuring that appropriate funds are allocated to each budgetary subhead
• Ensuring that proper returns are made to the office of the Accountant General of the Federation
• Providing the office of the Accountnat General of the Federation with all the necessary information required for the purpose of Audit
• Keeping vote books and ensuring that appropriate funds allocated to each budgetary sub-head
• Checking all payment vouchers before payments are made and to ensure that the correct classification code is used for each expenditure
• Preparing mandates
• Ensures the posting of all payment vouchers into the cash book
• Preparing transcripts and reconciling the cashbooks and bank statements at the end of every month
• Preparing salary and allowances of staff at the end of the month
• Make deductions and remittances to various agencies