Budget / Planning

The Unit carries out the following functions:

• Preparing financial project for future income and expenditure
• In charge of office analysis of budget to control the expenditure
• Providing advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation and budget preparation
• Summarizing the Body’s Budget and submitting the recommendation for approval
• Planning all official matters relating to seminars, workshop and sitting allowances for members
• Preparing quarterly reports on how the budget allocation was used on each item in the budget proposal
• Taking inventory of office items to enable the unit plan for the next budget
• Overseeing the activities for planning, conducting sectorial research and collecting statistical data for planning
• Arrangement of the hall for call ceremonies (this would be contracted out)
• Catering services for the Body of Benchers meetings, committee meeting (this would be contracted out)

It analyses expenditure, keeps inventory for future planning and prepares quarterly reports on budgetary performance.